Comorbidity Burden With HS

Comorbidities associated with hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) can affect multiple organ systems beyond the skin and may include an inflammatory component. Types of comorbidities include1-3:

Comorbidities with HS may require multidisciplinary collaboration as part of a holistic approach to management.It is important to identify risk factors, screen patients, and partner with appropriate specialists.


HS Has a Higher Comorbidity Burden Than Psoriasis

In a cross-sectional analysis that included 5306 patients with HS, researchers compared electronic health record data of people with HS to healthy controls and people with psoriasis. The Charlson Comorbidity Index (CCI), a validated standardized measure of global comorbidity, was used to measure and compare comorbidity burden. The CCI score is widely used to help predict the risk of mortality across patient populations.13

In the HS cohort, a significant proportion of patients (13.5%) had an overall mean CCI score of ≥5, compared to 9.3% of patients with psoriasis.13

HS patients with CCI scores of at least 5 had nearly 5 times the odds of 5-year mortality than patients with CCI scores of 0.13

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Importance of an HS Care Team

HS specialists in dermatology, psychologists, wound care specialists, and others may be necessary as part of the holistic management of HS.14

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View Damage Under the Skin

Ultrasound research shows evidence of severe activity under the skin before comparable damage is visible on the surface.15,16


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